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Panama 9°80° Lifestyle and Travel Magazine is Panama’s most trusted source of information about dining, lodging, activities, destinations and culture since 2005. We are passionate about Panama, its geography, culinary offerings and investment opportunities, and we are delighted to offer the freshest, most comprehensive and insightful information, so you can experience the best of Panama, whether you are visiting or planning to relocate.

Panama at the tip of your fingers. Location Panama is the most reliable online source of information about Panama’s hotels, restaurants, tours, destinations and culture, offering live reservations and customer feedback. A digital extension of Panama 9°80° Lifestyle & Travel Magazine, where we strive to provide our readers with fresh and exciting content to help them explore all the great things Panama has to offer.

The Real Estate Book

Location Panama The Real Estate Book is a comprehensive guide to Panama, with extensive information about the country, its geography, real estate and investment opportunities and tourism. We examine the current real estate opportunities and historical economic trends, informing potential investors about laws, incentives, immigration, relocation and finance. Complete with maps, statistical information about the country, the economy and Panama’s people.

The Panama Welcome Guide

The Panama Welcome Guide is the most complete digital guide about Panama’s hotels, restaurants and activities listed by province. Everything you need to know when planning your trip.